Legacy International

The owners of European Christmas are also the founders of LegacyInternational.org/ThisIsOurLegacy.com, an international missions organization. They are committed to both long-term and short-term missions. This year EuropeanChristmas.com is donating 30% of the sales to missions around the world.

If you do not designate a specific missionary in the “Additional Information” box at the end of your checkout, then European Christmas will forward the 30% as a donation to LegacyInternational.org/ThisIsOurLegacy.com

TLILogohe main goal of
LegacyInternational.org/ThisIsOurLegacy.com is to encourage local churches around the globe to grow in depth and in numbers by serving their communities through social justice and family ministry programs.

Along with sharing the Gospel and assisting with the tasks of the local church or missionary, the first goal of the organization is to feed the hungry all over the world through the church through an advanced farming technique called “aquaponics”. To learn more, click here